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Touch by Alexi Zentner Audio Book CD

Touch by Alexi Zentner Audio Book CD

Touch by Alexi Zentner Audio Book CD

Touch by Alexi Zentner

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In Sawgamet, a north woods boomtown gone bust, the cold of winter breaks the glass of the schoolhouse thermometer, and the dangers of working in the cuts are overshadowed by the mysteries and magic lurking in the woods. Stephen, a pastor, is at home on the eve of his mother's funeral, thirty years after the mythic summer his grandfather returned to the town in search of his beloved but long-dead wife. And like his grandfather, Stephen is forced to confront the losses of his past. Touch introduces you to a world where monsters and witches oppose singing dogs and golden caribou, where the living and the dead part and meet again in the crippling beauty of winter and the surreal haze of summer. A tale of love and loss, family and fear, and the haunting in between.
About the Author: Starred Review. "...Zentner's elegant prose keeps the story buoyant." - Publishers Weekly   "A sublime haunting, a rippin yarn, and a killer debut." - J. Robert Lennon, author of Castle   "Touch is one of those rare novels that simultaneously takes hold of both your imagination and your heart and does not let go...It's a gem of a book." - Aryn Kyle, author of The God of Animals

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Touch by Alexi Zentner



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