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Freddie Flintoff by Andrew Flintoff Audio Book CD

Freddie Flintoff by Andrew Flintoff Audio Book CD

Freddie Flintoff by Andrew Flintoff Audio Book CD

Freddie Flintoff by Andrew Flintoff

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Andrew Flintoff, the new England captain, is one of the most exciting sportsmen in the world, and, following the historic Ashes victory of 2005, one of the nation's best-loved and most instantly recognisable characters. 'Freddie Flintoff - My World' is a lavishly illustrated and beautifully produced book which includes a stunning series of photographs. In this book Freddie talks candidly about his fame, his family, the sport he loves and the effect it has had on his life since the incredible summer of 2005, when the England cricket team beat Australia and "Freddie Fever" gripped the country. This book is a must for all cricket and Freddie fans.

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Freddie Flintoff by Andrew Flintoff Audio Book



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