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My parcel has not arrived

My Parcel has not arrived?

We send an email when the item is posted. Most items get to the destination promptly, but sometimes they take longer.

Awaiting at the Post Office: Sometimes the items cannot be delivered. The Australia Post delivery person cannot leave it somewhere safe, or for some other logistical reason. Australia Post will then sometimes leave a card telling you to pick it up from the Local Post Office. Sometimes they don't leave a card and it is still sitting at the local post office. If you go and visit your local post office you can pick it up.


It just gets held up in the system: Sometimes parcels just take a long time. We have had parcels that have taken 10 days to cross two suburbs, and three weeks to get across the country. Australia Post will take a customer complaint to look for the item, but they do not take enquires until 14 days have elapsed from posting.


Tracking: There is no tracking with Australia Post standard parcels. There is tracking only with Registered Post and Express Post (and Courier).

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