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The House of Oojah?

The House of Oojah started in late of 2004 selling online some  Retro Rotary Dial phones and a large personal collection of audiobooks purchased over many years.

Since then we have evolved to having three websites (Australia, New Zealand and UK) and a stock of more than 1200 new Audio Books, having sold about 12,000 + AudioBooks online since 2004

We first started selling new AudioBooks when we realised that most online AudioBooks sellers did not actually have the AudioBook in stock. They would take your money - then order it from the publisher - and then post it to you weeks later when they received it from the publisher. We thought people who were buying on the Internet wanted it now!. So gradually we have increased our range of Audio Books that we keep in stock, so that customers can get their Audio Book at Internet speed - not horse and cart speed!

We are based in Adelaide - and have sold Audio Books all over Australia - including some of the most remote areas - places like Port Hedland, Coober Pedy, Cape York and Norfolk Island. We also sell worldwide - lots to New Zealand - from Whangarei to Auckland to Christchurch to Dunedin to IInvercargill. Also worldwide - lots to the UK, and to the USA - from Florida to Washington State.

Why is it called the House of Oojah?

We enjoy an weekly newsletter from Michael Quinion at www.worldwidewords.org. Michael talks about the origin of words and phrases. we were looking for a online ID (and you all know how hard that is), and after reading his nonsense words section, came across oojah_capivvy, which basically is a nonsense word like "pass me that thingy" when you can't remember the name of the object. Once you have a user name of Oojah_capivvy, and you are going to open an online store - its only logical to call it "The House of Oojah" isn't it? And when you start a website - what else are you going to call it but www.TheHouseOfOojah.com ?!

Were are we ?

We are based in Australia, with stock located in Australia, ready to post fast Australia-wide.

Contact Us

You can email us at Sales@TheHouseOfOojah.com  -   or use our online form here - with any queries - AudioBooks we don't show but might have - or might be able to order in. Our returns policy is here





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