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AudioBooks for Free - Audio Books in mp3 format for your iPOD or mp3 player

Sites for Free Audio Books Most of these sites have human voice audiobooks that you can download in mp3 format:

There are several sources for Free AudioBooks.

Free audio books or podcasts are usually in mp3 format - so you need an mp3 player to be able to play them. You can also sync these with your iPod using iTunes

Librivox - Volunteers read out of copyright books as Talking Books in mp3 format.

Literal Systems - also read by volunteers, but more recent readings of the Talking Books ar made by paid professional talking book readers. All Literal Systems talking books are free.

Internet Archive (Audio) - Many thousands of recordings, news recordings, presidents talking, old time radio shows, archived podcasts, book reviews, and more.

BBC Podcasts - listen to your favorite BBC radio program, documentaries, talking heads, book reviews, and more, in mp3 format.

ABC Radio Australia podcasts - all your favourite ABC radio shows on podcast, book readings, documentaries, talking about a wide range of subjects on Radio National, and more

Podcast Alley - the lasted on popular podcasts, from radio shows, episodes of talking books,



A sample of some of the (not free) Audio Books available at The House of Oojah - we have mp3 Audio Books click here - instructions on converting Audio Books on CD to mp3 are here, instructions on using iTunes for converting Audio Books on CD to use on an iPOD is here

get even more audiobooks here
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