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Scott Brick Audio Book Narrator

Scott Brick Narrator of several hundred audiobooks.

Scott Brick is an accomplished audiobook personality. He has recorded over 200 audiobooks, and AudioFile magazine has honored him by adding his name to their prestigious list of "Golden Voices." and has won a coveted Audie Award. "He seems to have an intuitive ear for the authorial voice, an uncanny ability to portray the personality of the author as well as those of his characters."

A native of Southern California, Scott has been an actor (among other things) since leaving UCLA in the late 1980s. “I spent about 10 years in a traveling Shakespeare company, doing dozens of shows all over the state,” quoth “The Brickman,” as he sometimes calls himself. “I guess I’ve had a pretty solid grounding in the classics, as well as contemporary work. Beyond that, I’ve been a fan of old-time radio my entire life and have always been passionate about the spoken word. That’s the reason I wanted to be an actor, because I’m so fanatic about telling stories. And audiobooks are the purest form of doing that, aren’t they?”
But not the only way, at least not for someone as versatile and enterprising as The Brickman. For instance, he recently opened on stage in his own dramatization of three stories by his friend Orson Scott Card. Sci-fi meister Card directed, and Rudnicki, a graduate of Yale Drama School, also appeared. “I keep returning to the stage,” says Scott, “no matter how busy I get doing other stuff.”

To date he's won over 30 Earphones Awards for his narrating skills, as well as the 2003 Audie Award for Dune: The Butlerian Jihad. After recording some 250 titles in five years, AudioFile Magazine named Brick "one of the fastest-rising stars in the audiobook galaxy," and proclaimed him a Golden Voice. But it was the Wall Street Journal that sealed the moniker with a front page piece in November 2004. Most recently, he collaborated with famed sci-fi writer Orson Scott Card to adapt a collection of Card's short stories for the stage, which resulted in the play, Posing as People as well as completed the production draft of Rama, set to be directed by David Fincher. Brick is currently writing his first novel, a modern-day supernatural thriller based on an 18th century murder in New England.

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