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Abc's Of Real Estate Investing: The Secrets Of Finding Hidden Profits - Audiobook NEW CD

Abc's Of Real Estate Investing: The Secrets Of Finding Hidden Profits - Audiobook NEW CD

The ABC's of Real Estate Investing

by Robert Kiyosaki - with Ken McElroy - Audio Book CD

The Secrets of finding hidden profits most investors miss 

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The ABC's of Real Estate Investing - by Robert Kiyosaki and Ken McElroy - Audio Book CD

Brand New: abridged  Still shrink wrapped 3 CDs 

An excellent example of the helpful financial audios produced by Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad company, Garrett Sutton's can-do lesson is an excellent lesson on how to rise above debt. He provides a largely sympathetic lesson on why people dig such holes for themselves and why creditors let them. The information is nicely condensed and includes illustrations that people at all intellectual levels will connect with. The writing and the matter-of-fact reading are proactive--he doesn't celebrate or condemn anyone's goofy money decisions. Know yourself, get your attitudes and behavior under control, and then use the author's formulas and action steps to wrestle your credit report, account by account, back into something respectable.

About the Author Robert Kiyosaki

Born and raised in Hawaii, Robert is fourth-generation Japanese-American. He comes from a prominent family of educators. His father was the head of education for the State of Hawaii. After high school, Robert was educated in New York. Upon graduation, he joined the U.S. Marine Corps and went to Vietnam as an officer and a helicopter gunship pilot.

Returning from war, Robert Kiyosaki went to work for the Xerox Corporation and in 1977 started a company that brought to market the first nylon and Velcro "surfer" wallets, which grew into a mega-million dollar worldwide product.audiobook

In 1985 Robert founded an international education company that taught business and investing to tens of thousands of students throughout the world.Retiring at the age of 47, Robert continued with his love of investing. It was during his "retirement", he wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad, the #1 New York Times bestseller. Robert Kiyosaki followed with Rich Dad's CASHFLOW Quadrant and Rich Dad's Guide to Investing - all 3 books have been on the top 10 best-seller lists simultaneously on The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and The New York Times. In January 2001 Robert Kiyosaki launched Rich Kid Smart Kid.Concerned about the growing gap between the "haves" and "have nots" Robert created the patented board game CASHFLOW® 101 to teach individuals the same financial strategies his Rich Dad spent years teaching him...the same financial strategies that allowed Robert Kiyosaki to retire at the age of 47.

Although Robert's business is real estate, trading and building businesses, his true passion is teaching. He is a highly acclaimed speaker on financial education and his work has inspired audiences worldwide. Robert has appeared on Oprah and other top national TV and radio shows.

Robert Kiyosaki has a profound message for those wanting to improve their financial lives. That message is: "With every dollar in your hand, you have the power to choose to be rich, poor or middle class."

The ABC's of Real Estate Investing - by Robert Kiyosaki and Ken McElroy - Audio Book CD

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