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Mem Fox Possum Magic + more CD Audio Book NEW

Mem Fox Possum Magic + more CD Audio Book NEW

Possum Magic and Other Stories

Written and read by Mem Fox.

The most popular Australian Children's Story

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mem fox possum magic audio cd

Possum Magic and Other Stories by Mem Fox Audio Book CD

In CD format (1CDs).  60 minutes.

Possum Magic and Other Stories.

Written and read by Mem Fox.

Mem Fox is a passionate advocate of reading aloud and in this recording she reads her own stories to highlight the joys that reading to children can bring. 

This CD contains:

Possum Magic

Harriet, You'll Drive Me Wild

Koala Lou

Wombat Divine

Hattie and the Fox

Time for Bed

Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge

The Magic Hat

Whoever You Are

Boo to a Goose

Shoes from Grandpa

Sleepy Bears2002    

If you want Possum Magic as a book - you can get Possum Magic by Mem Fox here

About the Author Mem Fox (by Mem Fox)

From the Mem Fox website - I was born in Melbourne, Australia, in March 1946, but left at the age of six months to go to Africa with my parents, who were missionaries. The mission we lived on, Hope Fountain, was a few miles from the city of Bulawayo, in Zimbabwe, which used to be called Rhodesia. In my first year at the mission school I was the only white child so all my close friends were black. We learned to write by drawing our letters in the red earth. Later, we graduated to writing squeakily on slates. Now, of course, I use a computer, but I still use a pencil and paper whenever I have a writing problem to solve. My brain loves it when I write in pencil.

My father's name-Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge-is also the title of my second book. Miss Nancy, in the same book, is my mother; the rest of Miss Nancy's name comes from the names of my two sisters, both of whom are younger than I am: Jan Delacourt (who used to be Jan Delacourt Cooper) and Alison Partridge.

In the mid-sixties, totally unsophisticated, I went to drama school in London and spent three happy years changing my accent, speaking Shakespeare, singing Beatles' songs, wearing miniskirts, and dyeing my hair-a habit I haven't grown out of. It's been red for years, and will remain so until I die. Being a red-head has become my brand, my recognizable logo.

I took a great risk in 1969 and married an Englishman-a teacher of drama, who is now a gorgeous retired drama lecturer. Malcolm and I have lived happily ever after. Our daughter, Chloë, to whom Possum Magic is dedicated, was born in 1971. She was journalist for seven years, is now a high school teacher of French and English at a Catholic girls' school, and has been pre-selected as a Labor Party candidate for the state seat of Bright in South Australia, in the March 2006 elections.

Back to me-after all, this is all about me!!-as a mature age university student in my early thirties, I studied children's literature at Flinders University. This set me, totally unawares, on the road to fame and even fortune since it was during that course that I wrote the first draft of my first book: Possum Magic. It was rejected nine times over five years but went on to become (and continues to be, to this day) the best-selling children's book in Australia, with over two million copies sold. In 2004 its 21st birthday was celebrated with parties and events in thousands of schools and other places around Australia, and a new re-designed edition was launched. The colours of the original film of the illustrations were fading because it had been reprinted so many times.

Since Possum Magic I have written 28 books for children. Around half of these have become best sellers which just goes to show that from time to time I write pathetic books as well as great ones! Some of my books have different titles and different illustrators in the USA but essentially they are the same inside.

One of the best moves I ever made was to re-train, in 1981, out of drama into literacy studies to find out how children best learn to read and write. Literacy has become the great focus of my life-it's my passion, my battle and my mission and my exhaustion. If you are the parent of a child aged from 0-7 I hope you will enjoy my best selling books for parents: Reading Magic: how your child can learn to read before school and other read aloud miracles. If you are a teacher I hope you will be challenged but also thrilled by my book Radical Reflections, about the teaching of reading and writing.

Writing is my second love. My first is teaching, to which I admit an addiction so powerful that I'm surprised I had the courage to retire early (in 1996, aged 50) from my position as Associate Professor, Literacy Studies, in the School of Education at Flinders University, South Australia. I taught there with great satisfaction and happiness, fulltime, for twenty four years. I cried three times in my last class.

I now spend most of my time writing presentations urging parents, teachers, and others to read aloud to children aged between 0-5, and I travel the world doing it. I travel a great deal as an influential international literacy consultant to places as diverse as Guam, Tanzania, China, and of course to the USA which I have visited 83 times (I'm writing this in March 2005). I have spoken at hundreds and hundreds of conventions in the States. I also travel-I mean I work like a tired old dog!-extensively around Australia as well, which I particularly adore since this country is my home.

If you read this, and like my books, and keep buying them, I promise to continue to write picture books for children even though it's the hardest job in the world and much more of a grind that most people realize.

I live in a beachside suburb in Adelaide, South Australia, with my husband and two divine little dogs. Chloe lives close by. And I have wonderful friends who are the incredibly important to me. Perhaps that's why I wrote my latest book about friendship. It's called Hunwick's Egg and is illustrated by Pamela Lofts. She and I haven't worked together since Koala Lou in 1988, and everyone loves Koala Lou, so my hopes are high for my little bilby, Hunwick… 

Possum Magic and Other Stories by Mem Fox Audio Book CD

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