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Getting Through - Stephen Schiffman - AudioBook CD

Getting Through - Stephen Schiffman - AudioBook CD

Getting Through

Cold Calling Techniques To Get Your Foot In The Door

by Stephan Schiffman

Unabridged 1 CD Audio Book Set

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Getting Through - by Stephan Schiffman - Audio Book CD  

Brand New (1 CD - 1.5 hours):  

Everyone in sales knows how to sell--if they can get to the buyer. But in today's selling climate, the road between seller and buyer is frequently blocked with layer after layer of objections, distractions, and delays. Now, America's #1 Corporate Sales Trainer shares proven cold calling techniques for getting through all that interference to make the sale.

About Stephan Schiffman

Stephan Schiffman has been a leader in motivational and sales training since 1979. He is a Certified Management Consultant, and has trained and consulted to a wide range of corporations including IBM, AT&T, Motorola, Sprint, DHL, and a host of other organizations throughout the world. He has trained over 500,000 professionals in over 9,000 companies. Stephan Schiffman's business acumen has a solid foundation. Before founding D.E.I Management group he was a broadcasting executive and an account executive for a brokerage firm. As the Director of Training and Development for an international organization, he created and conducted training programs for thousands of people throughout the world. Since his programs have been integrated into the sales culture of major corporations, Steve is frequently asked to be a guest on national radio and television shows. Steve is the author of over 30 best selling sales books: Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!), The Consultant's Handbook, and many more!!

Getting Through - by Stephan Schiffman - Audio Book CD  

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