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Mindfulness Meditations - John Barter - AudioBook CD

Mindfulness Meditations - John Barter - AudioBook CD

Mindfulness Meditations

by John Barter

2 CD meditation audio CD

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Mindfulness Meditations - By John Barter - Meditation Audio CD  

Brand New 2 CDs

About Mindfulness Meditations

On this double CD set, Psychologist and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher John Barter brings his 25 years of continuous practice in mindfulness and meditative disiplins to guide us in an appreciation and application of Mindfulness Meditation.

Both beginners and established 'Meditator's' will find great benefit from this unique presentation, bringing the possibility of Meditation into contemporary life for both health and performance.

The music between the exercises is a beautiful track called 'Tranquilaise', by Australian artist ENS. 'Tranquilaise' is peacful and calming, yet modern, its appeal going beyond stereotypical 'new age' sounds of a few years ago and bringing the idea of Meditation to a whole new audience.

The first CD of the set 'Appreciating Mindfulness' includes the tracks of:
1. Overview of this duel CD set
2. A background to John Barter and WELL-AWARE-NESS
3. Definitions ' What is Meditation and Mindfulness
4. Tuning into the feeling of Mindfulness
5. Mindfulness in Buddhist Practice ' 'The Four Foundations of Mindfulness'6. Psycho-Physical Therapeutic Potential's of Mindfulness ' Meditations
7. Meditation and the Metaphor of 'Putting the Mug Down'
8. Mindfulness and Energy
9. Meditation Practice Pointers
10. Dealing with the Difficulty in 'Stopping'
11. Help with the Mental Hindrances to Meditation
12. John Barter's ' 'Five Factors of Mindfulness'

The second CD of the set 'Practicing Mindfulness' includes the tracks of:
1. Introduction to our Mindfulness Meditation
2. Guided Mindfulness of the Breath Mediation (20 minutes)
3. Guided Mindfulness of the Breath Meditation (40 minutes)

About John Barter

John is a Psychologist, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, and the Director of WELL-AWARE-NESS. To his work John brings 30 years of continuous personal practice in Mindfulness and Mindfulness based Meditations. Of these John was for over 10 years a Buddhist monk ('Javano') of the Theravada Tradition, living and practicing in Forest Monasteries in Australia; in North ' East Thailand as a student of the well known Meditation Master Ajahn Chah; and in England and Europe with the senior Western disciples of Ajahn Chah.

As a Registered Psychologist, John graduated with both undergraduate and post graduate studies in Psychology from the University of Sydney. Further to this John studied Counselling, graduating with a Masters in Counselling from the University of Western Sydney.

John has worked in Pain Management, consulting to the Pain Management Center of the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney. He is a regular guest speaker and presenter at a number of cancer support groups, and for three years was an Associate Lecturer- Faculty of Medicine at the University of New South Wales.

John is a Supervisor for health professionals, including Psychologist Interns through the Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP), and through the Australian CounsellorsAssociation (ACA). He has featured in the media on ABC Television on the 'Compass' program, ABC Radio on 'Night Live', was interviewed on Byron Bay radio 'Bay FM', has been written about in the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper 'Domain' section, and in such magazines as Wellbeing.

Through his therapy centre, 'WELL-AWARE-NESS Living & Health' situated in the Eastern and Northern suburbs of Sydney, John practices what he terms 'Mindfulness Therapy', a combination of traditional Western Counselling and Mind-Body approaches to health, together with the wisdom insights of Buddhism and Mindfulness practices. 'Mindfulness Therapy' provides both practices and perspectives for working with, and working through a wide variety of psycho-emotional issues, physiological illnesses, as well as strategic personal / professional life enhancement and management.

For the past 10 years John has run Mindfulness based Meditation courses, classes, retreats, and workshops for various sectors of society, including Health and Helping, Education, the Corporate sector, as well as for the general public especially through 'The Buddhist Library & Meditation Centre'.

John's approach very much exemplifies this embracing and bridging of the 'two worlds' of East and West, producing and providing what clients have described as a 'practical wisdom' for living with the choices and challenges of our contemporary life.
John's work is very much his life; this fact is very evident through his dedication to health, healing and wellness, which is appreciated by the many hundreds of people who attend his courses, classes, counseling, and supervision sessions each year.

Mindfulness Meditations - By John Barter - Meditation Audio CD  

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