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Time of Your Life - Anthony Robbins - 2 Audios CDs and DVD Audiobook NEW

Time of Your Life - Anthony Robbins - 2 Audios CDs and DVD Audiobook NEW

Brand New: Still shrink wrapped 2 Audio CDs plus DVD

So you’ve accomplished almost everything one person can possibly take on in one day, jumping from your personal to professional life - and back again - like a titan task master, a wizard of to-do lists. Anyone with an extraordinary life has more to do than they can possibly imagine. There’s so much coming at us, how can we make sure we still feel fulfilled?

Imagine how much more meaningful life would be if you could turn everyday, seemingly unrelated assignments and errands into a litany of magic moments. Imagine your day free of stress and overwhelm. What if you could anticipate challenges and not just react to them? Would you feel more in control of your life? How much more freedom would you have?

Anthony Robbins, who has influenced the lives of more than 50 million people over the last three decades, has created "Time of Your Life" to help you focus on results you’re really after and the reasons why you want to achieve them - whether it’s with your family, your relationships, your health or your business. Using fundamental principles from Robbins’ Rapid Planning Method (RPM), a revolutionary breakthrough in life management, "Time of Your Life" is a powerful multimedia program designed to show you how to manage your life instead of your time, empowering you to focus on the results you’re after and the real reasons you want to achieve them.

Includes 2 Compact Discs, 1 Bonus DVD (Region 1)

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