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Vocal Toning the Chakras - AudioBook CD

Vocal Toning the Chakras - AudioBook CD

Vocal Toning for Chakras

by Jonathan Goldman

Unabridged 2CD Audio Book Set

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Vocal Toning the Chakras - by Jonathan Goldman - Audio Book CD  

Brand New (2 CDs - 2 hours):  

About Vocal Toning the Chakras

Jonathan Goldman reaches thousands of people every year since founding the Sound Healers Association in 1982, through his books, recordings, and seminars presented all over the world. On Vocal Toning the Chakras, he brings decades of research and experience to the task of balancing the seven energy centers of the body. Each chakra impacts a different facet of overall health—when these centers are properly tuned, listeners will experience improved circulation, respiration, digestion, and state of mind. With Vocal Toning the Chakras, listeners will learn how to attune their minds to get the most out of these time-tested acoustic practices. For as Jonathan Goldman teaches: “When the right vibrations are matched with the right intent, there is no limit to the healing power of sound.”

About Jonathan Goldman

Jonathan Goldman is an internationally acknowledges master teacher in Sound Healing, a pioneer in the field of harmonics, and an acclaimed Chant Master. His books and recordings include Healing Sounds, and the award-winning Chakra Chants. He is director of the Sound Healers Association, an organisation dedicated to the use of sound and music for healing. His seminars and workshops attract participants from around the world.

Vocal Toning the Chakras - by Jonathan Goldman - Audio Book CD  

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