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Facing Down Evil by Clint Van Zandt AudioBook CD

Facing Down Evil by Clint Van Zandt AudioBook CD

Facing Down Evil by Clint Van Zandt

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No ordinary Washington memoir, Facing Down Evil is an unprecedented look behind the scenes of our nation's most powerful law enforcement agency. As the FBI's premier hostage negotiator, Clint Van Zandt worked or consulted on some of recent U.S. history's most unsettling and high-profile conflicts, including the Waco, Oklahoma City, and Unabomber cases.
About the Author: Jason "J-Mac" McElwain overcame a childhood diagnosis of severe autism, enabling him to attend Greece Athena High School where he earned a manager's position on the basketball team. He works at Wegmans in Rochester, New York, and lives in the neighboring town of Greece. Daniel Paisner is the author of nearly 40 books, on such topics as sports, politics and entertainment, including seven "New York Times" bestsellers.ALAN SKLAR has narrated over 75 audiobooks and earned numerous awards for his work. He has also provided the voice for thousands of corporate and medical videos, as well as many radio and TV commercials. He lives with his wife in New York.

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Facing Down Evil by Clint Van Zandt AudioBook

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