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Instant Immersion French 8 Audio CDs NEW

Instant Immersion French 8 Audio CDs NEW

Instant Immersion French

16 Audio CDs - play in your car - portable CD player - or at home - (they are not computer software)

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Instant Immersion French 16 Audio CDs - Learn to speak French

Brand New :    16 CDs

From Provence to Paris, now you can join the conversation with Instant Immersion French , the dynamic audio language learning system on 8 compact discs. Providing effective, progressive instruction in all the basics of structure, syntax and grammar, Instant Immersion French for Travelers emphasizes the building blocks of proper speech and conversational skill-building, all set to a lively lesson plan of practical French vocabulary. Not a phrase book, not a translation guide, Instant Immersion French  is the speedy, sophisticated route to proper French, for all non-native speakers on the go.

 Follow the audio lesson plan at your own pace! 

CD 1: Alphabet, Special Sounds and Pronunciation
CD 2: Greetings, Days of the Week, Describing Weather
CD 3: Numbers, Time, Telephone Numbers, Corresponding Verbs
CD 4: Questions, Verb Endings, Conjugations, Prepositions
CD 5: Useful Shopping Terms, Methods of Payment
CD 6: Expressing Goals and Intent, Corresponding Verbs
CD 7: Shopping and Bargaining, Dining Out and Food
CD 8: Determining Directions, Traffic and Traveling
CD 9: Travel Vocabulary, Planning a Trip, Using the Internet
CD 10: Hotels, Taking a Taxi, Checking In and Special Requestsaudiobook
CD 11: At the Market, Negotiating, Money
CD 12: Doctor's Office, Describing Symptoms, Insurance
CD 13: Finding a Pharmacy and Filling a Prescription
CD 14: Invitations, an Evening Out, Ordering Food
CD 15: Entertainment and Leisure Activities, Telling Time
CD 16: Sporting Events, Seasons and Holidays

About the French Language

French is often a Romance language originally spoken in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland, and today by about 350 million people across the country as either a native or possibly a second language, with significant populations in 54 countries.

French is truly a descendant belonging to the Latin associated with the Roman Empire, as are languages as well as Spanish, Italian, Catalan, Romanian, and Portuguese. Its development has also been influenced by the native Celtic languages of Roman Gaul and simply because of the Germanic language of the post-Roman Frankish invaders.

Regarded as official language in 31 countries, almost all of which form what is known as in French La Francophonie, the community of French-speaking nations. Can be a official language of all United Nations agencies as well as a great number of international organisations.

Per the Constitution of France, French may perhaps be the state run language since 1992 (although previous legal texts have made it official since 1539, see ordinance of Villers-Cotterêts). France mandates the actual French in official government publications, public education outside of specific cases (though these dispositions tend to be ignored) and legal contracts; advertisements must bear a translation of foreign words.

Besides French, there's also a variety of regional languages. France has signed the European Charter for Regional Languages but has not yet ratified it since who is going to not in favor of the 1958 Constitution.

The majority French words derive from Vulgar Latin or were made out of Latin or Greek roots. One can find often pairs of words, one form being popular (noun) and therefore the other one savant (adjective), both originating from Latin.

The French words which have developed from Latin are viewed as less recognisable than Italian words of Latin origin because as French developed right into a separate language from Vulgar Latin, the unstressed final syllable of the many words was dropped or elided in the birthday gift following word.

The French counting system is partially vigesimal: twenty (vingt) must be used as being a base number included in the names of numbers from 80-99. The French word for eighty, as for instance, is quatre-vingts, which literally means "four twenties", and soixante-quinze (literally "sixty-fifteen") indicating 75. This reform arose as soon as the French Revolution to unify the variety of counting system (mostly vigesimal near the coast, mainly because of Celtic [via Basque] and Viking influence). This set up is comparable to the archaic English use of score, as in "fourscore and seven" (87), or "threescore and ten" (70).

Belgian French and Swiss French are wide and varied this is because. In Belgium and Switzerland 70 and 90 are septante and nonante. In Switzerland, based on the local dialect, 80 are able to be quatre-vingts (Geneva, Neuchâtel, Jura) or huitante (Vaud, Valais, Fribourg). Octante happened to be used in Switzerland in the past, but is right now considered archaic. In Belgium, however, quatre-vingts is universally used.


Instant Immersion French 16 Audio CDs - Learn to speak French

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